About us

     Our Company deals with production and distribution of healthful (diet/diabetic) foods and beverages. Yet, our aim is far from being mere commercial one and in this connection this is not just the latest offer. In our policy the trade aspect is included inasmuch as every material thing in this world has its material value. Our basic aim is to help people protect their health mainly through the food we take every day. This may be accomplished through reaching the necessary knowledge of truth and in that connection we are determined to do the best we could. We simply wish to help people learn how to eat rationally (scientifically-based). We stake on food as it has such a powerful influence over our health. In fact, there are two major health-related problems that our civilization faces these days (and these are factors lying within our power) insufficiency or lack of quality food and insufficient physical activity.
     In that connection we are able to provide health consultations, lectures, discussions, seminars and, of course, all that for free, motivated only by love! We are open to all kinds of advice and information concerning that subject. We believe and we are positive it is not just the latest fashion or tendency and it will not fade away as we all want to be healthy. Talking about eating our wrong choice is the likeliest reason for our pains and suffering. In this respect we hold our fate in our hands!
     We sincerely hope that one day we would grow only good things on this earth and we would process them (if necessary, of course!) with care and we would eat and drink only healthful food and beverages. There is place for everyone "under the Sun".
     The good news is that habits are liable to change and that is exactly what everyone should do if they want to be healthy. For there is hardly a reasonable man or woman who would deny the deep connection between food and health, which Paul Bragg has defined brilliantly in one single sentence:
"You are what you eat!"

     Michael Christov

     Master degree in Chemistry,
     Major: "Nutrition and Dietetics"